Updating the Blogroll

I need to update the blogroll for a couple reasons. First, it’s out of date. Second, I’m going to re-start using it as my reader. I’ve gotten away from that over the years so the section title “Blogs I Read” is misleading and needs to be corrected.

If you have a suggestion for a blog I should be reading (even if it’s your own), post the address in the comments.


Clerical Errors?

A conversation on a different social media platform provoked a question in my mind that I am surprised I have never wondered:

Where are clergy in the Men’s Sphere, or the larger Dissident Right?

Not one? I know of several psychologists or paychiatrists. There are lawyers and business owners. There are more than a few military officers. College professors are becoming common. Every section of the middle class is represented except clergy. Surely I don’t know everyone, but I have been around for awhile.

Doesn’t that mean either something is deeply wrong with us, or with the clergy of every denomination?

My SSD is either dead or injured. I’ll know more later. After it’s fixed I can start posting again.

Pro tip to Mac users: If you try to save a file in Texteditor and it tells you that the file cannot be saved, do not reboot. The program is fine. It’s the filepath that is corrupt, and that could be a symptom of a larger problem.

Back Next Week

I’ll be away for the next week, so no more posts until Monday. Tuesday night I’ll turn on moderation. If there’s anything anyone would like to suggest for a future post, put it in the comments before then.