To Be Fair…

It must be admitted that not every woman who suits up in yoga pants, tights, leggings, jeggings, pajama-like pants…(Gimme a sec’. I’m out of breath writing out the versions of inappropriate public clothes)…had the intention of men lusting over her body. Yet it cannot be denied that those same women found it acceptable for men […]

Neutered Piety II: Read the Sign, Numbnuts

More plain sex talk ahead, and as always remember that this is a map of an escape route used by a fellow convict. ————————————– I’ve talked pretty extensively about a really simple subject (women like dick) because that is where sexual love and marriage start; the lifelong pursuit of which is presumably why you’re reading […]

A Refresher on the Basics: There Are No Ugly Truths

To some of you: some of the terms in this post will be as food that has been sacrificed to idols. Consider yourself warned, and partake according to the strength of your faith. ——————————————————- Women want dick, and that is AWESOME, because we have them. Not only is it awesome, but it’s good–physically, spiritually, emotionally, […]

The Invisible Horror

Part of my job is making salespeople comfortable as they sell. Some time later in the process I switch roles, and it becomes my responsibility to make clients comfortable as our products and services are delivered. An awful lot of our sales force and clients are female, but our staff is almost exclusively male…nerdy male. […]

It Needs to be Personal

UPDATE: I hated the other title. It was a silly choice.  I want to take a break from my TINP posts…my head’s in the wrong place for that topic. Over at Dalrock’s place, empathologicalism asks a question: Let ask it this way…..from where will numbers of red pill men come? I honestly don’t know where, […]