3 thoughts on “The New Traditionalist

  1. Well done. I prefer…

    TRADITIONALIST: One who take over his Churches Sunday school to introduce the children to wisdom from ages past rather than stunt them by giving them only modern drivel.

    We actually had a great bit in class the other day that made my wife laugh. There had been some complaints about my traditionalist stances by two of the younger boys. I have a strong ally in the oldest boy though. So at the close of class I talked about the comment in Genesis about “man and woman he made them” and how God intended us to be very different. And we should find joy in those differences He created. I may not like what girls talk about, but I do enjoy hearing their voices, or as I quipped, “I can tune out the words since that’s for them but I like their voices and their laughter,” and that, “Satan has been working very hard to obliterate those differences and make us the same.”

    To which my ally rapidly quipped, “so what your saying is that feminism is Satanic,” and then he laughed a very good boy laugh, near a hoot, and everyone in class smiled.

  2. My experience has taught me this definition:

    Traditionalist. Noun. Adjective. Slur.
    A person who refuses to accept and promote the progressive reform.

    The elderly woman, a baby boomer still clinging to Woodstock, gave a disapproving arch of her stenciled eyebrow. “Oh, you’re one of those traditionalists, aren’t you?” she asked, as if she had tasted old milk.

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