There Will Be More of This Before There is Less

It is reported to me that my dog will not leave Mrs. Caldo’s side. He must know. I have heard that this is typical behavior right until the very end; at which point they go off to die alone. Last night a company email informed me that a friend has executed this same maneuver. A month ago he moved to be closer to his mother. When he didn’t show up to a Sunday function a search party was sent to his house. He appeared to have died in his sleep, years shy of 50.

I do not know if I will see him again. He was a non-practicing Methodist who had little interest in talking about Christ, church, etc. The way he spoke of them was as a part of his childhood environment.

The laptop, being fully of this world, limps on with a prosthetic. The drive is fine, and is now in an enclosure from which I can boot via the USB bus.

The Triviality of Reflections

Mrs. Caldo is anti-crying, but today the vet told her our dog has an aggressive tumor on the roof of his mouth. In two weeks it has pushed out half of his upper teeth, and he is constantly bleeding. She prescribed some antibiotics to fight infection, but regardless he will either stop eating, keep bleeding, or both. These things happen when dogs get old, and it certainly puts the laptop issues into stark context.

I hope I get to see him once more. We were young together.