A Grace for Men

As I’ve maintained: I write this blog for present and future husbands and fathers. Today that sentiment will become more visible. From now on, comments from women will be deleted. My hope is that this will encourage a more brotherly atmosphere. It is doubted in my mind if there has ever been a time or place where men (even Christian men) could talk frankly–and hear earnestly–in the presence of audible women (even Christian women).

Women will probably still read here. They may continue to “Like” posts. They might be in my “Blogs I Read” list. I like women very much, and enough of them like me, but we are made in such a way that men will always react to a woman’s presence, and while it is easy for me to police that tendency in myself, I know it is not for others. This is a grace to them, for a change.

As this goes forward, I won’t be preemptively adding past female commenters to the “moderated” list. My method will be to unapprove them as I see them, and as I am able to discern the commenter is a woman. Some may dress themselves in men’s names and sneak through, but even as they do so they remove the impact of men reacting to a female presence. It would be a meaningless victory for the pretender. At some point I will add this to the tabbed pages, or the “About” tab.

23 thoughts on “A Grace for Men

  1. Sometimes I like to sit and watch when the estrogenics get cranked up. But that is a vice. Don’t serve that cocktail to those like me who sneak the odd sip.

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  3. Did you intend the old comments to disappear? It appears that they have and I’m not sure that’s a good thing.

  4. What comments disappeared? I haven’t touched them at all; nor do I intend to.

    Edit: The other day a man linked to five of my posts. I approved the pingbacks (which show up in the comment stream to the left of the posts), and then deleted four of the five comments so that it didn’t eat up half the stream. Other than that I have touched the comments not at all. I haven’t even added anyone to the moderated list.

  5. Cane
    Good move. I know I will be more inclined to comment and am interested in seeinf where this takes the writing and conversation.
    God bless

  6. @Moose, Seriously, Know, Info, Chad, DS

    I appreciate the votes of confidence and support, and I hope it is edifying for everyone. It is my belief that in the long run this sort of thing will be beneficial to women, as well. It’s just how good things go if they really are good.

  7. Given the nature and purpose of your blog, this is a sensible move. I’ve had others suggest that I implement the same policy on my blog before. I have deferred doing so for now, in part because my blog’s aim is different, and because I think a female presence can, if only as a tool for learning, be helpful in supporting the purpose of my blog.

  8. @SH

    I’m not sure. It won’t be less.

    Some bloggers write in such a way that you can see their posts are solely in response to comments or other blogs. I am as influenced as much as the next guy, but the rest of my life is full of fodder as I am a married father. In my house are two grown women and two young women, and all their friends and family and drama. I work regularly with a drove of pretty 23-35yo (professed) Christian women who I can fairly characterize as “in heat”…more than enough thoughtful stimulation on the subject of women.

  9. @Cane Caldo

    Nice to get away once a while away from the drama. If this were a physical space then its just us men having a nice relaxing evening in the men’s lounge smoking cigars and what not.

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  11. If only it were that simple..

    As noted at Donals blog, many christian men are feminised marxists. Their views are correct; others are invalid. Just like dealing with sjws, there is no dialoguing with this mindset.

  12. @an observer


    As noted at Donals blog, many christian men are feminised marxists. Their views are correct; others are invalid. Just like dealing with sjws, there is no dialoguing with this mindset.

    What mindset and why can there be no dialoguing with those with it?

    Food for thought.

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