How We Laughed!

Tonight, on a Very Special Episode of “Ow My Balls”.

After explaining to my two youngest who Antifa are, and how they have been given almost no resistance from any police department, we watched this video. It must have been four times.

Ow My Balls is a fictional TV show from the futuristic movie Idiocracy.

8 thoughts on “How We Laughed!

  1. One day (hopefully soon) I will have the opportunity to go over test results with one of my patients and say this to them:

    “It says here you’re S@#$% all F@#$% up.”

    I will get it on video if I can.

  2. If only the gas mask hadn’t hidden the look of total surprise on his face when the police returned fire. “But… but… you aren’t allowed to do that…”

    (Note to self, athletic cup > respirator in the go-to kit.)

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