I’m for the Opposite of the Pence Rule

Zippy Catholic made me aware of a controversy and scandal (of either one sort or another)  which had happened, and is still happening (in one way or another), at a place called Christendom College in Virginia.

Apparently a young female student drove herself (she was the driver with the car keys) and her boyfriend away from the college, past the local town with its hundreds of businesses and thousands of residences, deep into the Shenandoah mountains, to an isolated location in a national park.  A year and a half later she was talking about it with a professor and claimed she now realized that she was raped, in a classic “he said she said, long after the fact” scenario.

I find this story perfectly plausible. It is also manifestly unverifiable.

By all accounts the college did everything it could do in as professional, compassionate, and (nontrivially) legal a manner as anyone could reasonably expect.  The young man was investigated and punished for actually verifiable behaviors on campus, etc — the details (putative and otherwise), again, are available elsewhere so there is no need to rehash them here.


A more pertinent question then is, who is responsible for there not being any evidence?  Who put us in this situation?  Was it Christendom College with its overbearing and oppressive institutional success, when compared to pretty much all colleges everywhere, in keeping rapeyness and even consensual debauchery off campus; or was it someone else?

The most proximate person responsible for the impossibility of determining the truth in an objective, public way is the person in the literal driver seat who chose to drive the two of them, alone, deep into the Virginia wilderness.  And in close proximity to that person – perhaps carrying the greater responsibility, because responsibility comes along with age, wisdom, and authority – are parents who give driver’s licenses to young women and send them off to college hundreds of miles distant without any inkling that a seventeen year old driving deep into the wilderness with a random boyfriend is every bit as imprudent as a ten year old getting into a car with a stranger offering candy.

I agree with basically all that. My one difference is that I think we can also add colleges who encourage parents to send their daughters off to coed colleges hundreds of miles distant.

Christendom may be the best run coed in-residence college in the history of colleges. I couldn’t say. I also don’t care because coed in-residence colleges are a really foolish idea. At best, Christendom College is the finest college at conserving Feminist victories and making them “work”.

11 thoughts on “I’m for the Opposite of the Pence Rule

  1. When it comes to the “in-residence” part, the college is more like having two adjacent single-sex colleges with co-ed classes. The dorms for the boys and girls are on opposite sides of campus, and after a certain time boys are not allowed to be anywhere on the south side (girls side) and vice versa. And there is a curfew which requires checking in to the dorms. So in practice it really is like having two single sex colleges which are right next to each other and share classes.

    If you are against in residence colleges for women in general then that won’t change much, but I do think that separates Christendom as essentially different than other coed in-residence colleges.

  2. Yeah, cause sending your daughter’s off to party hardy in their most hormonally active years always makes for a happy ending. Not to mention there’s the added benefit of the almost guaranteed feminist indoctrination they will receive. And the icing on the cake is two fold. The majority of these girls will get degrees that are useless, and their parents pay handsomely for the entire escapade.

    I still don’t under stand why so many people that I know, who should have known better, did exactly this. It’s as plain as the nose on their face, but they can’t see it.

  3. I do think that separates Christendom as essentially different than other coed in-residence colleges.

    You can be sure that it marks a difference given that at many (most?) universities these days there are co-ed dorms. Not different ends of the building or even different floors. Fully integrated down every hallway. I suppose to appease tradcons your roommate at least has to be of the same sex, I think. Would this be the sex they claim or their biologically assigned sex? I didn’t ask.

    Well, it keeps the kids from having to go on long drives late at night. Safer don’t you know.

  4. Even at “Christian” university Pepperdine in the 1990s, men were not supposed to be in the women’s dorm rooms after 1030PM. Nobody ever paid attention to that rule.

  5. That may be the case, but (relying solely on the testimony of students at Christendom), the rules do seem to actually be enforced there, at least to a much greater extent than any of their peers. Either way, you’re going to have that problem with in residence colleges unless you simply don’t allow people of the opposite sex to be on campus; that may very well be the solution.

  6. @Oscar

    Saw this while at work last night but I forgot to respond.

    The opposite could be a few things, but what I meant was that a man should restrict women from his space instead of making sure he is safe in her space.

  7. @Cane

    Makes sense. It has the same effect (protecting the man from evil, vindictive women), but retains the man’s authority over his own space.

  8. … but what I meant was that a man should restrict women from his space instead of making sure he is safe in her space.

    That sounds an awful lot like MGTOW; a concept which still generates much anger is the Christian manosphere.

    Take note of all the institutions that young men are fleeing. They’re the very same ones that are spiraling towards their death.

  9. That sounds an awful lot like MGTOW; a concept which still generates much anger is the Christian manosphere.

    Men Going Their Own Way … implies they leave some existing group for some other, separate way.

    Men Keeping/Creating Their Space is different.

    The former has this idea that men are following something and can unilaterally choose to walk away. The latter has this idea that there are invaders of men’s space that have to be kept out.

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