Poles Tell Us Confronting Women Ineffective

Pro-Lifers[1] tic neurotically about doing what is politically expedient. Namely, if a woman is heading into an abortion clinic then you shouldn’t warn her that she is about to solicit murder, or plead with her to reconsider the murder of her baby. They’ll tell you, if you do that, what will happen is that the woman will defiantly march into the clinic and have her baby murdered. In other words: The hostage-taker will bolt and kill the hostage. And, I am inclined to believe that this is true. But there are at least three big problems with taking this tack.

The first problem for the Pro-Lifer is that we’re not at a sidewalk demonstration. Whether it is me writing on the Internet, you talking amongst friends and family, or a politician’s answer to a talking head: There is no hostage-taking pregnant woman immediately on the scene to woo with soothing words. It’s not politically expedient here to say, as Ted Cruz did

Of course we shouldn’t be talking about punishing women; we should affirm their dignity and the incredible gift they have to bring life into the world.

As I said towards the end of my last post:

Understand that no babies are saved from abortion by ridiculing Trump for his submission to unavoidable logic.

Lies like that don’t save a single baby. Maybe, sometimes, such pandering to would-be murderesses just before they walk into a baby-slaughtering facility is effective in saving the hostage’s life. Outside of that context, such worshipful terms are only that: Worship. The worship is rendered lest some unknown goddess of life and murder out there feels insufficiently served.

The second problem is that giving in to hostage-takers’ demands is a very good way to incite the taking of more hostages. Everyone, including Pro-Lifers, knows that is true, but they do it anyway. WHY? If you want to stop the killing of hostages then the thing to do is make taking hostages at least unprofitable. Even better is to make is punishable. That they don’t (And when the stakes are so high!) leaves me with the inescapable conclusion that the real point of joining a Pro-Life group is that it is the sanctioned method for social-conservatives to bow before women as goddesses. It is a way to pretend to tradition while practicing feminism. As several commenters have rightly noted: They are bowing to the Asherah poles which have been erected in the Temple.

Here’s the biggest problem and here is where it is unavoidably a matter of worshipping the false idol of women: Pro-Lifers are blaming the Lord for abortion. If it were true that telling a woman not to do something–that it is a sin and a crime to commit sins and crimes for which breakers of the law should be and will be punished–pushes women to commit sins and crimes, then it would be the Lord’s fault for bringing sin into the world because He told Eve, through Adam, that if they eat of the Tree of the Fruit of Knowledge they would surely die.

It would be the Lord’s fault that the Ten Commandment’s are broken because He gave them to us and warned us of sin and death.

It would be the Lord’s fault that the Israelites perpetually broke the laws that were given to them through Moses, and that they made and worshipped a golden calf.

It would be the Lord’s fault that the Israelites ignored, mocked, and killed the prophets He sent to warn them, and the Lord’s fault that the Israelites bowed to other gods.

It would be the Lord’s fault that many ignore the Bible because He gave it to us chock full of warnings against sin and death.

It would be the Lord’s fault that many shun the Holy Spirit because He sent Him to us, and bade us listen to Him lest we die forever.

It would be the Lord’s fault that many don’t accept Jesus Christ as their rightful King and Savior because He warned that Hell awaits those who don’t.

All this should sound familiar because it’s been said for a very long time.

The man said, “The woman whom you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit of the tree, and I ate.”

It’s time to get up from among the Pro-Life goddess worshippers, you sleepers.

[1] Can I say too many times that I am anti-abortion?

12 thoughts on “Poles Tell Us Confronting Women Ineffective

  1. There are good arguments for free will. Michael Huemer presented a few and so did Maimonides. But in any case once there is free will you have to assume that men and women can choose good or evil. The only moral superiority anyone has is when they choose good. That is clearly what the Torah holds.
    On a side note there is a command in the Torah to rebuke your fellow man or woman when you see them doing wrong.

  2. @Avraham

    On a side note there is a command in the Torah to rebuke your fellow man or woman when you see them doing wrong.

    That must be God telling us to force others to sin.

  3. Good point. i saw recently in the Even Shelema which is a collection of statements from the Gra that even when you know the person will not accept your rebuke. I seem to recall the Shelah say the same thing. On the other hand one does need to know how to deliver rebuke. If one can not do it without anger then certainly he is not obligated. And the most obvious point is one does need to know when something is truly wrong or not.

  4. This whole debacle has been amazing to me. The eagerness of those on the right to make such a bizarre obeisance is actually dumbfounding. I mean, even viewing women as “goddesses”, what would be worse than a fallen goddess? How much further down must a woman go before someone actually says no?

    How shameful is it that Trump was the most consistent guy in the room on this particular issue?

  5. The argument really is stunning. I mean, what if we applied it everywhere else? There would be no law. Cruz, as an attorney and a very good one, really should know better.

  6. Something that often gets overlooked is that women make up a large portion of people actively involved in the “pro-life movement” (PLM). The chair(wo)men, volunteers, speakers, and demonstrators who are visible on the pro-life side are more often women than men. The reasons for this are numerous. First, many people who are opposed to abortion have nevertheless unwittingly accepted the premises of the abortion lobby that opposing abortion is anti-woman, and in turn act to counter this stigma by promoting women in their movement. Second, since Roe v. Wade made legislating against abortion incredibly difficult (and since society views the Supreme Court as infallible), the PLM is set up to fail and can really only moralize against the evils of abortion. This has dramatically different consequences on the psyches of men and women. Anti-abortion men (who, being men, tend to be competitive and seek resolution, accomplishment, and justice) soon get burned out once they realize the game is rigged. On the other hand, anti-abortion women use their involvement in the PLM for social signaling and feelings of superiority even if it is ultimately a lost cause. Third, the philosophy of the PLM essentially fetishizes “life” at the expense of justice, order, etc. which promotes feelings of sympathy which appeals to women. This is also how the PLM can illogically hold that women who get abortions shouldn’t be punished–to them all that matters is that the numbers of abortions are reduced to zero–and if some filicidal mothers aren’t punished well we can rationalize that away by sympathizing with them as well.

    Because of this, Christian men who recognize the flaws of the PLM and of female-based leadership need to work toward a coherent replacement. We need to do more than complain about this. For starters, we can conceptualize a framework for a godly society which dispenses with the feminist presuppositions of our day. A Christian’s desire for society is not that it is as minimally bad as possible, but that people would recognize their sins, realize their need for a savior, and confess Jesus as Lord. Christian-based social movements should be primarily concerned that God is honored and His Law followed, and shouldn’t ignore the precedent in Genesis 3 (where God punishes the woman for her sin just as He punishes the man for his).

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