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I started this blog under the wrong pretenses. That happened because this blog is a direct result of my guest post “Cypher’s Problem”; a (not good) rebuttal post to Dalrock’s “Why Christian’s Need Game”.

See that? I allowed someone else to frame the conversation, and I’ve been just responding ever since. This is very easy to do because Game–the system of thought–is so wrong that it provides endless supply of straw men to knock down; which is fun…

…And stupid, and a waste of time, and lacks any utility for anyone.

I thought if I could knock down enough straw men, that the real men–Man–would become visible; that you’d see them peeking between then chaff. But there are simply more Game guys setting up more straw men than I can keep up with. Pity this idiot. I had the answer all along, but got so caught up in the exercise of mowing that I failed to keep to what I knew, and raise up the men–Man–above the others, and in that way He and they would be seen.

Understand, that when I say system of thought: I mean systems of thought that pretend at being different. Traditionalism, and conservatism, and reaction, and all this bullshit that I don’t even believe in; spinning my wheels trying to expose those/it for the various Games they are. No one here wrote the book. It’s not in the past, and it isn’t hidden.

The new blog will still be focused on marriage, attraction, sex, etc., I don’t know if I will keep this blog up. Even if I do: everythings dies, so eventually it will not. Some of my posts will move over to the other blog, and some of them will be smelted down and then hammered out into the posts that they should have been. This will necessarily expose some of my faulty statements; to which I can only say,  “Oh well.”, and, “Have at them.” Good on you if you can find them, and make something useful of them.

It’s also my intent to host many of the links to those to which I already link; not limited to, but most definitely will include Dalrock and Keoni Galt, and others who espouse Game.

These sort of transitions are malleable, so I make no promises, but this is my intention at this point. I don’t expect to post here at this link again after I announce the new blog.

When it’s up, I will link to it here.

8 thoughts on “New Blog

  1. @DS

    I’m glad to hear it!

    I told Mrs. Caldo about this right after I posted it, and she thinks it would be better to keep the same blog. The trouble is: I’m part animal, and so need boundary lines. Making a new blog sets one up so that I can know where not to return.

  2. Sounds like a smart woman you have, but you didn’t need me to tell you that

    I was wondering myself why you wouldn’t just re-frame the conversation here, if for no other reason than your pen name is on this blog, it’s your claim to relative “fame” and I think that makes this site worth keeping.

  3. @Elspeth

    I’ll still be blogging as Cane Caldo (It’s one of my given names; just…different.) and that’s how everyone knows me and the blog. Anyway, my fame is nothing to write home about. I get very few visitors.

    This is, ironically, what I believe Dalrock has been pushing me towards all along. He has encouraged me over and over to write towards something, and I keep writing against. What can I say? I’m hardheaded. Sometimes that serves me well.

  4. Per your later posting, isn’t it moving furniture? I mean it is a nifty cool name and all and the URL is your nome de plum…so what if your first posts are about Game? Just write different stuff. I came here for the stories after all and the first postings on Genesis which I thought were quite good.

  5. I’m part animal, and so need boundary lines

    You could invite some of us men to mark this territory, then you can reclaim in in ordered sections……problem solved

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