In for a Penny, In for a Pound


MKT pointed out a video celebration of J.D. Greear’s election as president of the SBC.

In his comment, MKT noted Russell Moore’s cameo, but Beth Moore is in there as well. If you watch both videos you’ll see that it’s a who’s-who of the SBC’s ascendant politburo.

But today I want to talk about the animating spirit behind J.D. Greear’s ascendence, and I want to do that by examining the message put out by one of his biggest fans, the producer of this video. Her name is Ashley Unzicker. [1] She is a member of The Summit Churches in NC where her husband Todd Unzicker [1] is a sort of pastor of the 10,000 plus church, according to this McClatchy article about how evil Trump is.

It turns out that the celebration video is a follow-up to this video from March 14, 2016 in which she pimps big for Greear to be president. [2]

The lyrics point out that Greear is accomplished, smart, well-travelled, has a full head of greying hair, runs a successful and growing corporation, pushes diversity, and handles loads of cash. She literally puts her whole being into service to joyfully sing and dance Greear’s praises.

Two and a half months after (May 30, 2016) “J.D. Greear for SBC President Rap”, Ashley released another video.

The video is titled “Husbands say ‘No’ to Cleaning”, but in the song it’s the wife saying no to her husband. It mocks her husband as a slobby and irresponsible man-child who isn’t allowed to go play until he finishes his chores, or else she will shame him on Facebook.

Her husband Todd helped her make the video by starring as one pathetic boob representative of all husbands. (It’s called “HusbandS say ‘No’ to Cleaning”.) Perhaps that’s not a fair reading of her intent. After all, this is a diversity-loving woman. Maybe she meant Todd to only represent boring, unsexy, white husbands.

With whom should we assume Ashley is infatuated?  J.D. Greear at whose feet Ashley devotes herself body and soul, or Todd whom she mothers, dominates, and shames online?

[1] Check out Ashley and Todd’s profile tags. 

Hers: Jesus said to her, “Your sins are forgiven.”

His: Follower of One, husband of one @AshleyUnzicker , dad of three, sender of many @Summitrdu

[2] Here’s a video of J.D. Greear withdrawing his 2016 candidacy for SBC president.  If that looks familiar, it might be because you read Greear’s January 30, 2018 post “Why I’m Accepting the Nomination for SBC’s president”. The post’s header image is taken from that 2016 withdrawal announcement. It was posted five months previous to the SBC women’s letter which led to the ignoble ouster of Paige Patterson; a political assassination which would frighten the sheep right into Greear’s woman-shaped arms. Spooky? Nah. That’s just good plans.

17 thoughts on “In for a Penny, In for a Pound

  1. Right. I’ve been mining those blogs much of this day…..Correct, not productive use of my time.

    JD has dimples, and and and ….”gymtight-sleeves” (Im claiming that term)

  2. The side-to-side head-bobbing in that cleaning video makes me want to turn her over my knee, which she’d probably enjoy.

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  4. Do we need a postmortem of the SBC? Or is it just the usual compromising with the spirit of the age, and refusal to police and safeguard, leading to a great fall?

  5. Yes, we need a postmortem.

    Compromise, refusal to police, and all that occurred, but a specific group of people with specific goals made a plan and executed it.

  6. This is everywhere
    Today we got sold a book and story

    She started a mission school while dating her husband
    He proposed by washing her feet and promised to serve her…
    He married her and became a house husband that also leads the men’s group…
    He cooks, cleans cares for the kids and babies while his wife , writes books, leads the mission travels, preachers etc…

    All the men were told to look at he husband as an example of truly sacrificial man… willing to lay down his life and follow his wife’s lead…
    Just like Christ did for us when he washed feet…

    She is SBC lifeway as well

    The rot is everywhere

    IF:GATHERING is another one
    she told her husband that God told her to start it and he must abandon his pastor role and become a househusband and support her plans

    He agreed

    She now has huge conferences teaching women they were made to be more than wives and moms

  7. First, the video is gayer than some of the future pastors the SBC will ordain.
    Second, thanks to the manosphere, red pill, bloggers like you Cane, etc. I, too, in the past month, noticed more of the “husband of jane, father of 2 kids,” stuff vs. “slayer of tasks and a fierce, powerful woman princess” as profile descriptions. Thanks, because pre-manosphere, I am not sure if I would have noticed that. Maybe I would have. But now, can’t unsee and all that.

  8. Leading the SBC. Your coworkers might dredge up comments you made decades ago and use them to fire you with no notice. It’s tricky!

  9. Send her out into the depths of Latin America for a while. That will help straighten her out, if she survives.


  10. Send her out into the depths of Latin America for a while. That will help straighten her out, if she survives.

    Noooo, no, no. Latin America is far too gentle and passive. Send her to the Arabian Peninsula. THAT’S where a “kick-ass Christian woman” would REALLY earn her stripes.

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